May 23, 2024 /

Membership Advancement Program (MAP)

MAP is a weekly new member orientation program that enables you to learn the ins and outs of the Temple and meet and bond with other new members.  The MAP program helps you feel like you belong right from the start so when you walk into the Temple for Friday Shabbat services, you recognize some familiar faces and feel at home.

Through MAP you will learn about our Jewish heritage through Bible study, get a taste of the many Jewish traditions, and be privy to the activities and “goings on” in the Temple community.  All this, and MAP participation entitles you to 50% dues in your first year as a member!

There can be no better way to spend Shabbat morning than this special opportunity to study with Rabbi Bazeley and other Temple leaders.  For more information about membership and our MAP program, please contact Jennifer Kurilla at 732-545-6484.