June 19, 2024 /

Anshe Emeth’s Trip to Israel

Anshe Emeth’s Trip to Israel

I know these past few months of watching the conflict unfold in the Middle East has been troubling to many of you. My heart aches as I’m sure yours does as well. I know, like many of you, our hearts long for a resolved conflict and long-lasting peace. I also know that many of you are longing to either be back in Israel or to visit for the first time and stand with care and concern for our Israeli siblings.

It is now more important than ever for us to stand in solidarity with Israelis.

This trip holds significant meaning for us as a congregation. It is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our unwavering support for the people of Israel, to show solidarity with those who have endured hardship, and to reaffirm our commitment to fostering peace and understanding in the region.

By coming together on this journey, we have the chance to not only witness firsthand the resilience and strength of the Israeli people but also to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the situation. We will have the privilege of meeting with local communities, hearing their stories, and offering our support in whatever way we can. As well as visiting the sites that made us first fall in love with Eretz Yisrael.

Moreover, our presence in Israel sends a powerful message of solidarity and hope. It shows that we stand united with our brothers and sisters in Israel during their time of need, and that we are committed to standing up against injustice and violence wherever it may occur. This is not about politics or supporting the policy of a particular administration. This is about caring for Israelis that are hurting and standing with our fellow people.

I urge you to joining Rabbi Miller and myself on this journey of solidarity and support. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and show the world the strength of our community and our unwavering commitment to justice and peace.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s stand together in solidarity with the people of Israel and demonstrate our shared values of compassion, empathy, and hope. By going to Israel with your rabbis you will experience a trip you will get nowhere else.  We want to make a powerful statement by bringing 100 people who care about Israel to show the world and our Israeli family how much we care. Invite your friends and extended family and follow the QR code to register!