May 23, 2024 /

Calling All Techies – February 2022

It was around this time two years ago that our ears started to perk up a little bit more at the mention of this peculiar thing called SARS-CoV-2. What on earth did that stand for and what implications, if any, would it hold for our daily routines? Many of us, myself included, thought that it would pass right by or burn out before it reached our shores. When it did make it here and we started quarantining, even the most precautious of doctors predicted that the quarantine would last about 18 weeks’ tops before this would be behind us. No one that I spoke to foresaw this still being two years later.

I, along with the Temple leadership, were determined that even though we were going to have to be physically distant, we would still find ways of being spiritually connected. And with that commitment we delved into a world of technology: Zoom; LiveControl; OWL Cameras; Smartboards; a new sanctuary sound system and monitors in the sanctuary.

We were innovating just about as fast as we could to be able to convert over our program to an online venue as best we could. Now, as this pandemic continues and as we get more acquainted with the technology, we know that it’s here to stay. This is where you come in. We are looking for regular volunteers to help us navigate this new technology in two particular ways.

The first group of volunteers we need is a group of individuals who can help us use and operate the technology we have during our programs. This would be helping with turning on Zoom and monitoring chat messages or helping us troubleshoot why a camera isn’t working or why we aren’t getting sound.

The second group is for innovation. It would be a group of tech savvy individuals who can help us answer and implement the following questions: What technology aren’t we using that we ought to be? What haven’t we heard about that would be good to implement? Our congregation exists in an online and in-person modality, what can we be doing to spread our reach online to be able to attract, bring in, and retain congregants online?

If you have any experience or interest in being a part of this work please reach out to me directly. I am excited for the next phase of our growth together.