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Adult Hebrew (via Zoom)

Monday, December 5, 2022    
6:30 pm

Adult Hebrew – There are classes for beginners through advanced students.  They are all small in number so that you will receive personalized attention.

Kitah Alef – Hebrew from Scratch!

Want to open a prayer book or be able to speak in Hebrew, yet have never taken a day of Hebrew study or need a refresher to get you going? This is the class to start your Hebrew journey!

Kitah Bet – Beginners-Intermediate Hebrew

Know how to read basic Hebrew, but want to take it to the next level? Then this class is for you as we focus on Hebrew conversation and reading comprehension.

Kitah Gimmel – Advanced Hebrew

Have a basic understanding of the Hebrew language and want to build up your Hebrew grammar skills? Come and join us as we look at the various nuances of Hebrew grammar and dialogue.

Kitah Hey – Hebrew Fluency

This class is for those who have a working knowledge of Hebrew and can speak it either at a fluent or near fluent level. In this class, the students will read and speak only in Hebrew.

Contact the Religious School Office to register.

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