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Caregiver Symposium – Keynote – Professor Sharona Hoffman

Sunday, April 16, 2023    
10:00 am

Caregiver Symposium

Keynote: Professor Sharona Hoffman
Aging with a Plan, How a Little Thought Today Can Vastly Improve Your Tomorrow

Professor Hoffman will discuss Aging with a Plan which is a concise and comprehensive resource for people who are middle-aged and beyond and facing the prospects of their own aging and of caring for elderly relatives—an overwhelming task for which little in life prepares us.

Professor Hoffman received her B.A. from Wellesley College, her J.D. from Harvard Law School, and LL.M. in Health Law from the University of Houston. Prior to becoming an academic, she was a senior trial lawyer at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She has published over sixty articles and book chapters on health law and civil rights issues.


Senior Medicare Patrol of New Jersey
Director, Charles Clarkson

Senior Medicare Patrol programs, or SMPs, help Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries prevent, detect and report health care fraud. They not only protect older persons, they also help preserve the integrity of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. 

Mr. Clarkson is a New York attorney who for many years was Vice President, Deputy Counsel and Corporate Secretary of TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc., a multi-billion, international food company.


Only Two Things are Certain in Life
Dr. Elizabeth Poplin

End of life care can be confusing. Sometimes severe life-terminating illnesses creep up on us and sometimes such illnesses occur quite quickly. We often find ourselves ill-prepared, neither knowing the questions to ask or the services that could help.

Palliative care and hospice are available to help those severely ill or at the end of life; Each service type has pluses and minuses.  Other services, death doules and Medical Aid in Dying may play a role.

The most important rules are : be aware, be prepared, ask questions, be educated.

Dr Beth Poplin practiced at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and RWJ Hospital, New Brunswick for more than 25 years. She continues to be interested in all aspects of oncology, palliative care and quality end-of-life care.