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Nava Tehila in Concert

Saturday, May 7, 2022    
8:00 pm

Nava Tehila is a Jerusalem-based ensemble that plays original and traditional Jewish music that energizes and excites its audiences.

Nava Tehila composes and performs original and traditional music that draws on verses from Jewish sources, liturgical poems, and Israeli and world poetry, to create a moving and spiritually uplifting experience. The music spans western and eastern influences into a delightful mix.

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Daphna Rosenberg – Vocals and Guitar
Daphna is a singer, guitarist, composer and a main prayer leader at Nava Tehila, the Jewish Renewal community in Jerusalem for the past 17 years. She composes original music to prayers and poetry and specializes in musically leading life cycle ceremonies.

Yoel Sykes – Vocals and Guitar
Yoel is a spiritual facilitator who co-creates intentional community through music and prayer, cultivating and teaching deep listening and open-hearted communication. Read more about Yoel at yoelsykes.com

Coleen Dieker – Violin
A Kansas City, MO native, performs on a wide variety of instruments: piano, guitar, flute, ukulele and especially the violin. She is also an accomplished composer and arranger, a gift she has employed in various roles, including as a music director in the non-secular world.

Jesse Chevan – Percussion
Jesse Chevan is a NYC-based drummer, percussionist, and ethnomusicologist. He has relished musical diversity since his earliest musical experiences, playing with his father, David Chevan, and the Afro-Semitic Experience.