June 20, 2024 /

Ohavei Tarbut – Joe Buchanan – Country with a Jewish Soul

Saturday, April 6, 2024    
8:00 pm

A blend of Southern soul and country charm, Joe’s music is grounded in the belief that there is always more room at the table. Since his conversion to Judaism, this Americana artist from Houston, TX has truly found his voice in the history, Torah, and values of the Jewish people. He’s toured the United States, leading an original Shabbat service, playing concerts, and giving a workshop called “Choosing to be Chosen” which is all around his conversion to Judaism and the reasons why so many are coming home. Combining elements of country, roots-rock, and folk, Joe’s music reaches deep to tell personal stories of struggle and triumph. This is feel-good, toe-tapping, Americana with a Jewish Soul.

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