July 19, 2024 /

Religious School

Anshe Emeth’s Religious School provides a quality Jewish education for students pre-K through 12th grade. Our rabbis, professional staff and temple members share their commitment to education and the celebration of Jewish life. The two co-mingle in our curriculum which emphasizes God, Torah and the people of Israel through the study of Jewish religious practice and prayers, holiday and customs, history, Hebrew and a commitment to Israel.

Every grade has at least one special program that celebrates their accomplishments. The celebrations vary by grade and include a music Tefillah service for our primary grades, breakfast with the Rabbi, third grade celebration of the students’ ability to read Hebrew, fourth grade naming ceremony, and fifth grade Torah service. We all look forward to the sixth grade retreat, when rabbis, cantor, executive director, director of youth activities, and sixth grade students share a week-end at Camp Harlam engaged in educational programming, Shabbat and Havdalah service, meals, crafts, singing and hopefully snow and sledding.

Members can click here to register for Religious School 5785 (2024-2025).

If you would like information about membership and our Religious School, contact Limor Guttman.

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Learners of all ages will be on personal and communal journeys toward lives that are…

  • … guided by Jewish ethics, values, and ideals
  • … lived meaningfully through Jewish practice and tradition.
  • … actively engaged with our congregational community as well as K’lal Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael.

We believe that…

Jewish tradition is a rich and deep sourcebook that guides, informs and illuminates, and directs the way people understand the world and make decisions. That Jewish tradition records many paths people have taken in search of connection to God and Godliness. That Am Yisrael constitutes ever broadening circles, beginning with family and moving through synagogue, local Jewish community and the Jewish world community. It comprises the Jewish people today and throughout history. That Eretz Yisrael encompasses the land, state and people of Israel, both today and throughout history. That Hebrew is the universal language of Am Yisrael and, therefore, is necessary in order to have full access to Jewish Peoplehood.

We aim to inspire our students live Jewish lives with this understanding in mind.