May 21, 2024 /

Love and the Meaning of Life – April 2021

For several years now, Scott Fried has been a special guest of our Religious School. He has a unique way about him as he helps our teens and their parents navigate an ever-changing and often scary world. In his years of helping teens navigate the world of “teenage-hood,” Scott has touched more than a million people across the United States. He has traveled internationally through his humanitarian work and special publications. His message for teens, young adults, parents, teachers, and professionals is a powerful one of love, responsibility, sacredness, and self-respect. He also teaches a class at Colby College entitled “AIDS, Love and the Meaning of Life.” Two years ago, we brought Scott to Anshe Emeth to speak with the Board of Trustees about gender, sexual orientation, and inclusion, and we strive to make sure that AEMT is an inclusive home for all its members.

Now, why do I mention all of this? To share with you just how special an individual Scott is and to let you know that he is coming back to AEMT, but this time, not only for our teens and their parents. Scott will be joining us for services on Friday, April 16th, to speak with us about what it means to live a life of meaning, particularly during a pandemic. On Saturday, April 17th, he will be joining our MAP Class, along with anyone else who is interested in joining us, for a conversation entitled, Raising Elegant Children; The ABC’s of Gen Z Parenting. On Sunday the 18th, he will be visiting with our High Schoolers to share his message of love, self-care, and social responsibility.

I want to thank our donors who helped bring Scott to Anshe Emeth, with special thanks to the Deborah Ann Goldstein Memorial Fund for this unique opportunity to introduce Scott to the entire community. Please consider joining us at services Friday night and for class Saturday morning; you’ll thank me afterward, I promise!

Philip N. Bazeley