June 24, 2024 /

What a Month! – June 2022

Well, we made it through May. May at the Temple is always a fantastic whirlwind. Even if all we had were the themed Shabbat Services…Dayeinu! The truth is, I love May at Anshe Emeth: the Congregational Meeting when we discuss the year that was and what our are plans are for the year going forward; Installation Shabbat where we renew our covenantal partnership between Clergy and Lay Leaders and install the next generation of Trustees; Education Shabbat where we celebrate all of our fantastic teachers and all the remarkable learning in our religious school as well as celebrating the Aliyah, the moving up of our 2nd and 6th Graders for one part of our Religious School to the next; and then there’s Graduation Shabbat when we celebrate the completion of Religious School of our 12th Grade students.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of these 12th Grade graduates. I’ve known many of them since they were in 2nd grade and all of them have grown into such fine menschen. If you haven’t yet watched the service, please go and check out their speeches. They spoke so beautifully about their journeys through life and how the Temple and Temple Family were such an integral part of who they have become. It truly made me feel blessed to be a part of this community.

As we close the chapter on another programmatic year I can’t help but smile and be proud of all this community has accomplished. Not just in all the great studying we’ve done, but all the great work we have done in terms of Tikkun Olam, Bichor Cholim, and Gimilut Chasadim. We have studied together, we have made great strides in the work of justice in society, we have held each other in trying times, and we have done both great and quiet acts of kindness and care for one another. I am proud of all of us and what we stand for and can’t wait for the next year to pick up again. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful summer.